Huge savings on your heating bills with a Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump

By installing a Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump, which works alongside your gas combi-boiler you could save over 50% on your annual gas bill. The savings are even higher if you use oil, LPG or electricity to heat your home.

Hybrid Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps can seem like magic. They absorb heat from the outside air in a very similar way to how your fridge takes works, but in reverse. This heat is then be used to heat your home and provide hot water. They can even extract heat from the air even if the temperature is as low as -15°C, perfect for the the British climate.

Hybrid Heat Pumps in action

Air Source Heat PumpsWe helped the Cox family reduce their heating costs from £1126 per year to around £890, giving them a fuel saving of around £230 a year with a Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump.

In addition to this the Hybrid heat pump also qualifies for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which is paid quarterly by the UK Government. The Cox’s are eligible for a payment of around £689 per year, tax free and index linked for 7 years.

You can read all about their Hybrid Heat Pump installation here.

The Air Source Heat Pumps we install combine an external heat pump with a traditional gas combi-boiler. The two work in tandem to give your home the most efficient use of traditional gas heating and the best of renewable energy from an Air Source Heat Pump.

Works with your existing home’s radiators

This unique combination of a high efficiency gas boiler and the latest renewable energy air-to-water heat pump is the most efficient system available for gas and LPG boiler replacement. This approach means that homes can use existing radiators without the need to retro-fit underfloor heating, which stand alone heat pumps require to work efficiently.

Our Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump combines a high efficiency gas boiler with a renewable energy heat pump, all in one efficient, compact heating system that gives the best of both worlds. Its smart hybrid logic automatically selects the most energy-efficient and cost-effective operation based on the user’s energy tariff, at any given temperature, to make it the most efficient solution on the market.How does and Heat Pump Work?

How does the Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump work?

Our Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump is designed to maximise system efficiency, ensuring the most cost efficient operation at every outdoor temperature. The advanced settings in the hybrid logic controller switches between four unique “economical” modes depending on the relative cost of gas and electricity.

You could decide to minimise the ecological impact of your heating system by using the “ecological” setting which optimises the system to use the lowest carbon emission rates of gas and electricity. How does the Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump work?

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Benefits of our Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump

  • Combines renewable heat pump technology with a high efficiency gas boiler
  • Perfect if you are currently using gas or LPG
  • Ideal when replacing a gas or LPG boiler
  • Uses your existing radiators – minimises installation hassle
  • Works with traditional radiators and underfloor heating
  • Can be used with a combi-boiler or connect to a hot water cylinder
  • Suited to properties with heat loads 12 kW – 20 kW
  • Lower running costs compared with a new condensing boiler
  • Space saving renewable energy heating system – fits in place of your old boiler
  • Eligible for Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme

How much could an Air Source Heat Pump save you?

How much you can save will depend on the system your home has now, as well as what you are replacing it with. Your savings will be affected by:

  • Your Air Source Heat Pump will need to be plugged in as it runs on electricity, but you’ll be able to get rid of your gas, oil or LPG boilers making a significant saving on your fuel bill.
  • If you have Solar Panels fitted, we can help you with that, you can power your Air Source Heat Pump with the electricity generated from your roof.

For more details please visit the Energy Saving Trust Website

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