Biomass Boiler Finance Options

Install now pay later

The benefits of a Biomass boiler system is huge – lower fuel costs, the Renewable Heat Incentive payment over 7 years and lower carbon emissions to name a few, and we want to help you get these benefits in the most financially beneficial way for you. That’s why we’ve come up with a very special arrangement with Barclays Partner Finance, which means you can have your Biomass Boiler installed and not pay a penny for 6 months*.

Why is this such a huge benefit?

You’ll receive your initial Renewable Heat Incentive payment around three months after your boiler is commissioned, which means there’s a short delay until you start earning from the RHI.

This biomass boiler finance option we’ve arranged with Barclays means you can bridge this gap. So before you have make your first payments for the install you’ll get your first RHI payment, meaning you’re not out of pocket.

Barclays’ finance option also means that you have 6 months after your boiler is installed to find the best and cheapest way to pay for it, at your leisure. We do have other finance options available, but the Barclays Partner Finance is the only one to offer 6 months free.

You don’t have to use biomass boiler finance options

Of course, if you’d prefer to pay outright or arrange your own biomass boiler finance that’s fine too. If you’d like to find out more about our finance options please get in touch, we’re more than happy to discuss all the options with you.


* Subject to acceptance by our lenders. Loan is subject to a cancellation fee of £130 payable to our lenders after your loan is refinanced. Loans not refinanced after 6 months move to a variable APR of 19.9% if not refinanced. After the introductory period. Loan can be cancelled at any time with payment of the cancellation fee and interest accrued to the date of cancellation at any time. Subject to acceptance by our lenders. Details on request, call us on 0800 294 4104 for full details and a representative example. If loan is not repaid or refinanced by you then it moves to a loan agreement with our lenders, representative APR 19.9% (variable).

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