Biomass Boilers Scotland

Biomass Boilers Scotland

Large parts of Scotland are reliant on traditionally expensive ways to heat their homes such as oil, LPG and electricity to heat their homes. With the supply of fossil fuels quickly dwindling now is a really good time to install a Biomass Boiler.

Since we opened our office we’ve installed over 100 Biomass boilers across Scotland helping people lower their heating bills and claim the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive payment from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, Glasgow to Dundee and all across the Highlands.

Biomass boilers are an extremely clean and efficient heat producer and can save up to 50% on heating costs compared to traditional oil or LPG boilers.

As well as the fuel savings, thanks to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), our customers who’ve installed biomass boilers, are receiving a regular tax free, inflation linked income, guaranteed for 7 years and in doing so, helping Scotland to reach its carbon reduction targets.

Commercial Biomass for Farms, Holiday Lets or Businesses in Scotland

If you have a larger property such as a Farm, group of holiday lets or a business, and your property has a large heat demand, you may need a Commercial Biomass system. Commercial Biomass also qualifies for the Renewable Heat Incentive, but pays out over 20 years with higher returns due to the increased heat demand. For more details on Commercial Biomass click here.

Apply for an interest free loan of up to £10,000 towards the cost of installing a Biomass boiler in Scotland

Biomass Boiler ScotlandWe have a range of options to help you cover the cost of your boiler. You can of course pay for your boiler outright, or arrange finance through one of our partners or your own provider. However, the Scottish Government have unique scheme designed to help you with the cost of installing renewable energy.

You can apply for an interest free loan of up to £10,000 from the Scottish Government, to cover up to 75 per cent of the total cost of installing a Biomass boiler or any other renewable energy technology.

The maximum time period you can take this interest free loan is 12 years. Making it a really good way to spread the cost of your boiler.

You may also be able to combine this scheme with other renewable energy schemes offered by the Scottish Government. For full details visit The Energy Saving Trust Scotland website.

Arrange a biomass boiler survey with our Scottish team

Our Scottish team are based in Rosyth, just over the Forth Road Bridge, so getting one of our specialist renewable energy engineers to come and review your home for a biomass boiler is quick and easy.

In a short meeting, which takes about an hour, they’ll assess your requirements to determine the best Biomass boiler solution for you, taking into consideration your building type, your property’s energy efficiency levels, any existing system controls you have.

  • Boilers can be installed internally or externally, dependent on how much space you have available.
  • Our systems have a range of filling options: Hand Fed for smaller boilers to Hopper and Auger systems for larger Biomass Boilers.

The survey will help us to define the energy output, size of Biomass system, where it can be situated and any other work which may be required, as well as helping work out your all important Renewable Heat Incentive earning potential.

Biomass Boilers Scotland

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“We got two quotes from other local Scottish biomass companies but one was far more expensive than Euro Energy, and the other company never returned our calls. We trusted Euro Energy Services to deliver what they promised, and we’re delighted we did.”

Mrs Storrie - Bathgate

Read how we helped Mrs Storrie make the most of her Biomass Boiler

Efficient Biomass boilers

Biomass boilers are clean and more efficient than most A-rated condensing boilers. Biomass boilers are around 90% efficient compared to an oil or LPG which are typically around 50% efficient.

Biomass boilers to suit you

To ensure we only install biomass boilers which suit you, we don’t rely on just one biomass supplier. We can install a range of boilers of differing sizes and configurations to suit your heating needs.

Each boiler must pass our stringent technical tests before we are happy to install in your home. The boilers which have passed these tests are:

  • Black Star
  • Hargassner
  • ÖkoFEN
  • Froling
  • ETA
Biomass Boiler Finance Options

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