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Biomass case studies

We can talk all day about how great we are, but there’s nothing like an existing customer telling you. These customers have all agreed to have a Biomass case study completed and added here, so that you can read all about real biomass installs and have they work in the real world. We’re constantly biomass case studies here, so be sure to return regularly to find out more details.

These biomass testimonials are real customers, who are now saving up to 50% on their heating bills and are earning from the UK Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive. All because Euro Energy Services installed a Biomass Boiler system for them. Here are their stories.

We’re so glad we switched to a Biomass boiler

Mr and Mrs Storrie’s beautiful two story stone built family home has an open plan layout and forms part of a farm complex near Bathgate, nestled between the two great Scottish cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The house is in an off-gas area, typical for this and many other rural parts of Scotland. Because of this, providing warmth and hot water for the property was originally achieved using LPG, from a tank situated at the top edge of the garden.

One of our Scottish Area Sales Managers, Adam McLachlan, spotted that the property would be the perfect candidate for a Biomass Boiler, due to its size and construction, and approached the Storrie’s to see if they would like to investigate further.

As the Storrie’s weren’t happy with how much they were paying to heat their property they took him up on his offer, they had previously investigated Biomass but not taken it any further.

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Biomass is making my family warm and happy

Mr Jones lives just South West of Harrogate in a beautiful part of rural Yorkshire which has never been connected to the gas main. For the last 40 years or so, his family bungalow and it’s granny flat have been heated by two oil boilers. The oil systems were coming to the end of their useful lives having been in use for 40 and 20 years respectively, so it was time for a change.

After a long time researching the alternatives to oil, Mr Jones decided to investigate if a Biomass boiler would be a viable alternative. He’d heard about the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive, which pays a tax free, index linked sum over 7 years as an incentive for switching to renewable energy. And while this wasn’t his main reason to switch is was a lovely bonus.

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Goodbye to my stinky old oil boiler – hello biomass

Mr and Mrs Doxey’s old oil boiler had started to smell, they’d had it for nearly 20 years and it was now struggling to heat their home. It would take about an hour before the radiators in their 100 year old home, would come up to a decent temperature, not ideal with the colder winters the UK has been experiencing over the last few years.

The Doxey family live just outside Doncaster, South Yorkshire, in a beautiful stretch of the countryside which has no mains gas delivery, so the only option the family previously had to heat their home was to rely on oil deliveries.

Installing a Biomass boiler - Mr Doxey's story

Huge savings on fuel costs by switching to Biomass

Since the Gaskell family switched to a Biomass boiler a year ago, their bill for biomass pellets is only £750. Making them a saving, in year one alone, of £1,750!

There’s a myth that biomass boilers will only fit into large homes which have dedicated boiler rooms, or need specially constructed eco-sheds. In fact biomass boilers can happily be installed outside if space is at a premium.

That’s exactly what we did for the Gaskell family who live just North of Blackburn in the village of Whalley. They live in a beautiful property with stunning views of the hills. One of the drawbacks of living in such a remote area is that it has no mains gas supply so heating the house has traditionally been done using oil.

The Gaskell’s initial heating was supplied by an oil combi boiler, but because the house had low water pressure, due to the whole row of homes being fed by one water main, the boiler couldn’t cope with the demands of family life.

Click here to read the Gaskell's Story

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