Biomass Boiler Finance Options

Combining a Biomass Boiler and Solar Panels is a great idea.

As well as being able to generate your own heat, you’ll also be able to generate your own electricity, effectively making you self sufficient.

There’s an added bonus too. RHI payments last for 7 years, but the Solar Feed-in Tariff continues to pay you for 20 years, meaning that you’ll make huge saving on our heating and electricity bills and receive energy subsidy payments for two decades.

Huge savings on electricity bills

Typical homes in the UK currently pay around £600 per year in electricity bills alone, having solar panels installed on your house ensures that you actually earn money from generating electricity. A combination of the Feed-in and Export tariffs, combined with an electricity saving could mean you’re nearly £600 a year better off.

That’s just the savings for the first year

If you allow for inflation and the inevitable increases in electricity generation over the next 20 years, you could earn around £24,400.

Add in the Renewable Heat Incentive

Couple that saving with the Renewable Heat Incentive of around £2,200 a year for same home, tax free and index linked, over 7 years and you can see that this is a really great package.

Let’s look at the figures

What you pay out

  • For a typical 3 bedroom house the cost of installing a Biomass boiler and Solar Panels is around £20,000.

What you get back

  • Over 7 years the Renewable Heat Incentive will pay you at around £15,000.
  • Plus fuel savings over 7 years on heating of around £5,250.
  • Installing Solar Panels will, over 20 years, generate around £24,400.

The maths is pretty simple, Biomass and Solar combined create roughly £44,560 over a 20 year period for an initial outlay of £20,000 that’s over a 100% return on your money.

Plus, of course, you also can sleep safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the planet by reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

The returns may even be better than this.

These figures are based on a typical 3 bedroom property, once our expert renewable energy consultants have surveyed your home, the savings and payments could be even higher, depending on the energy requirements of your home.

All the figures given are for illustrative purposes only. Accurate figures for your property will require a full consultation.

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“We’re really pleased with the Biomass boiler we had installed. We’ve had it for about a year now and it’s been an absolute god send. All the team at Euro Energy, from the sales team to the installers and maintenance teams have been great. We’d really recommend them to anyone.”

Mrs Gaskell - Lancashire

Read how we helped Mrs Gaskell make the most of her Biomass Boiler

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