Commercial LED Lighting

Reduce your businesses lighting bill by 80% with LED lights

Just look at the picture at the top of this page, while it looks very pretty, the buildings you can see are wasting millions of pounds each year simply by leaving their lights on and not changing their offices over to LED lighting.

There are lots of places in your organisation where the lights are literally burning your company’s money, typical culprits are:

  • Offices
  • Car Parks
  • Corridors
  • Store rooms and warehouses
  • Empty meeting rooms
  • Server rooms

What could your business do with the money switching to LED lighting could save it?

Just think what your business could do with the money it’s wasting on inefficient lighting. You could hire more staff, buy that new machine you need, increase your advertising spend the list is endless. Instead you’re burning that cash with old, inefficient lighting.

By installing LED lighting with intelligent lighting systems in your offices, warehouses, car parks etc you’ll see massive savings on our electricity bills as well as decreasing your businesses CO2 emissions. We’ve installed LED lighting systems for businesses where the savings have paid for themselves in a little over 9 months, such are the drastic savings which switching to LED lighting can make.

As well as lowering your businesses electricity bills, LED lighting will also make your staff more comfortable, and who knows perhaps more efficient? This is because LED lighting isn’t as harsh as traditional strip lighting which is installed in most offices and factories in the UK.

Arrange a FREE LED lighting consultation today

Click here or Call 0800 294 4104

Arrange a FREE LED lighting consultation today

Click here or Call 0800 294 4104

What are the advantages of LED lighting?

  • They can very easily be controlled digitally, so can be programmed and integrated with your building management systems or over the internet.
  • They can be switched on and off instantly.
  • LED lights run much cooler than traditional lighting, so LEDs can be used to light materials which are sensitive to heat or daylight.
  • They are suited to rough conditions, such as car parks or street lighting.
  • LED’s are perfect for illuminating confined spaces. They are used extensively in freezers, chillers and cold stores because they run efficiently at low temperatures.

Cut down on maintenance and replacing lights

LED bulbs emit very little heat and can last up to 100,000 hours making them very efficient. Traditional halogen bulb by comparison, only lasts around 3,500 hours and most of the energy used disappears as heat.

By switching, your businesses to LED lighting your bill for replacement bulbs will almost disappear overnight as well as the reductions in your fuel bill.

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