Energy saving technology

Energy saving technology will help lower your fuel bills

Regardless of how you’re heating your home – Biomass, Solar, Gas, LPG or Electricity – by utilising energy saving technology you can drastically reduce your heating bills.

Some of the technologies we can help you with will reduce your energy consumption by as much as 80%.

By combining some, or all, of these energy saving technologies you’ll be able to considerably lower your energy bills and your all important carbon footprint.

Here’s a list of all the energy saving technologies we can install for you, feel free to pick and choose the ones which suit you best. Then get in touch with us and we’ll help you get the lowest energy bills possible.

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LED Lighting
Intelligent lighting solutions

Saving up to 80%

Typical payback 24 Months

LED lighting saves around 90% in electricity consumption.

Sensor control systems can possibly save up to 50% in energy reduction.

Ensures that lights are turned off when they are not needed.

Daylight harvesting sensors automatically switch off your lights when they know there is enough natural light.

When it gets darker they intelligently adjust their intensity.

Real-time Energy Management System

Saving up to 15%

Typical payback 36 Months

Per second monitoring for maximum efficiency.

Web-enabled class-1 digital meters in one, four and eight way configurations.

Bespoke computer interface.

Processes data on your energy consumption second-by-second.

Monitors gas, electric, water, voltage and power factor.

Visualise and analyse your energy profile on a PC, laptop or mobile device.

Boiler Energy Saver

Saving up to 15%

Typical payback 36 Months

Improves the efficiency of boiler firing patterns.

Measures system water temperature and accurately varies it to meet the amount you need.

Significantly reduces fuel wastage caused through: temperature overshoot, heat saturation of the heat exchanger, flue losses and unnecessary boiler cycling.

Weather compensation program, ensuring you use less energy on warm days

Built in energy monitoring & remote control.

Energy Saver Technology

Saving up to 10%

Typical payback 18 months

Improves the properties of water in the heating system by removing the dissolved oxygen down to an inert level.

Heat transfer efficiency is increased causing the water to heat up quicker using less energy.

Increase in radiator temperature of 10-12°C.

Extends life expectancy of heating system.

Reduces corrosion and annual maintenance costs.

Electric Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Savings up to 10%

Typical payback 24 Months

Controls each radiator independently, minimising wasted heat.

Only heat the rooms you need when you need them.

Programmable radiator controller.

Improves comfort with a choice of daily temperature settings.

Energy Saving Additive

Savings up to 10%

Typical payback 18 Months

A simple additive you can forget once it’s been a added to your heating system.

Radiators with Energy Saving Additive will become 6 – 8 degrees hotter, whilst using the same amount of energy.

Improves the heat transfer efficiency of your heating system by accelerating the heat transfer to the bulk fluid in your heating system and improving the overall efficiency.

Radiator Reflectors

Savings up to 5%

Typical payback 12 Months

Sit behind your radiators and reflect the heat back into your rooms, rather an through the wall.

Your room will heat up much faster.

Low cost solution to help retain heat within the building.

Radiator reflector panels can save properties without cavity wall insulation between 5-8% on heating costs.

For more information on Energy Saving Technology

Click here or Call 0800 294 4104

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