Lower your energy bills with a Hybrid Heat Pump

Lower your energy bills with a Hybrid Heat Pump

Mr and Mrs Cox, from Nottingham, needed to replace their old gas boiler which they’d had for around 25 years. The boiler had served them well in their extended bungalow but it was no longer efficient, often broke down and was costing a lot to keep running.

Their average heating bill was a whopping £1126 a year.

Looking for a way to reduce their bills, the Cox’s initially investigated installing a Biomass boiler as a friend had one already and they were very keen to install renewable energy, they already have Solar Panels. They contacted Euro Energy Services to arrange for one of our Energy Experts to come around to survey their home.

When we arrived it soon became apparent that the home wasn’t suitable for a Biomass boiler as it was already on mains gas, but we could help them with a Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump, which would reduce their running costs down to around £890 giving them an instant fuel saving of £230 a year.

In addition to this the Hybrid heat pump also qualifies for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which is paid quarterly by the UK Government. The Cox’s are eligible for a payment of around £689 per year, tax free and index linked for 7 years.

Lower your energy bills with a Hybrid Heat PumpHere’s how the savings stack up

Current annual heating running costs = £1126

Hybrid Heat Pump running costs = £896

Annual fuel saving after installation = £230

Annual Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payment = £689

Total fuel Saving plus RHI = £919

Find out more about the Renewable Heat Incentive here.

How does a Hybrid Heat Pump work?

The Hybrid system combines an Air Source Heat Pump and a traditional gas boiler. For the majority of the year the Heat Pump provides most of the heat for the property but when the outside temperatures reach 0℃ the system intelligently switches to the gas boiler, meaning that gas is only relied on for the very coldest days of the year.

The Cox family already have Solar Panels installed, so the majority of the electricity required to run the heat pump is supplied for free by the Sun!

As part of our heating consultation, we suggested that the best solution would be to install a Daikin Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump. This is a true hybrid boiler system which includes a heat pump fitted eternally and a specialised gas boiler configured to work intelligently with the heat pump.

Lower your energy bills with a Hybrid Heat Pump

The reason heat pumps are so efficient is that they work at a lower flow temperature than traditional heating systems, typically around 50℃. This means that radiators won’t become scalding hot, which can be a concern for many people, particularly if they have small children or elderly relatives.

This low flow temperature does means that some radiators had to be replaced with larger units so that they can still heat the rooms to the desired temperature. Homes which have underfloor heating correctly installed work really well with Air Source Heat Pumps and shouldn’t need any modification.

The system we designed for the Cox’s home will deliver a 3 Star temperature rating. The property has the potential to reach a 4 Star rating, but that would require the complete removal and replacement of the existing radiator system, which is not something the couple wanted to go ahead with.

Lower your energy bills with a Hybrid Heat PumpQuick easy installation

To minimise disruption we opted to install the Air Source Heat on top of the flat roof extension right next to the roof line of the original bungalow and the gas boiler in the loft. This enabled our installers to keep new pipework to a minimum and ensure that the boiler and the heat pump are easily accessible for maintenance. Placing the heat pump there means it has a good circulation of air and can’t be seen from the road or by neighbours.

To find out how you can reduce your heating bills with a Hybrid Heat Pump, just fill in the form or call 0800 294 4104.

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