Solar Battery storgeSolar battery storage will utilise 90% of the electricity generated by your solar panels

A battery storage system will enable you to utilise around 90% of the electricity generated by your solar panels, a 40% increase on the power available to you without storage.

Solar battery storage has been the holy grail of renewable energy ever since the technology was first developed. The systems have now been developed to that they are now affordable and very cost effective.
Solar storage battery systems allow you to efficiently store and then use the solar energy you have generated during the day once the sun has gone down. The battery will then recharge itself the next day, giving you a cycle of free energy.

Still claim the Solar Feed-in and Export tariffs

Having a solar battery fitted on an existing or new solar install, doesn’t effect the feed-in or export tariffs paid by the government to you for generating your own power.

Add Solar Battery Storage to your existing solar panels

If you’re lucky enough to have had solar panels installed on your home for a while and have been receiving the early feed-in tariff payments, solar batteries will vastly improve the usefulness of your panels. Solar battery storage can be retrofitted to most solar installs making them a perfect add-on.

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How much can a Solar Battery save you?

Solar battery systems can use up to 90% of the power generated by your solar panels so the savings are pretty significant.

On a typical home with a 4kW new solar installation with a battery system the figures are:

  • Feed-in Tariff 4.39p per kWh – £142 per year
  • Export Tariff 4.77p er kWh – £78 per year
  • Saving on Electricity bill – £580 per year
  • Minimum benefit  £800 per year
  • Minimum total benefit over 20 years – £16,000

That figure doesn’t take into account rises in the cost of electricity, which have been around 10% year on year, or the fact that the feed-in and export tariffs are paid over 20 years and are tax free and index linked.

The final benefit will be much higher over the life of the solar panels and the battery.


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