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Generate free electricity by installing Solar Panels

Installing Solar Panels on your roof will generate free electricity for your home and, thanks to the UK Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme, will earn you a guaranteed tax free income for 20 years. With energy prices at an all time high, solar panels are the perfect way to lower your household energy bills and generate you own clean energy.

Solar Panels add value to your home

Homebuyers are willing to pay, on average, an extra £2,000 for a home equipped with solar panels because of the drastically lower electricity bills delivered by the panels. *According to research by Barclays Mortgages published in The Telegraph.

Once our expert Solar Panel installers have fitted them to your property you’ll soon forget the panels are even there, they have very few moving parts and are very reliable, so you won’t have to worry about maintenance. And just to make sure our panels come with warranties of up to 25 years.

Our new solar battery systems enable you to use up to 90% of the power generated from your solar panels. Find out more on our Solar Battery Storage page.

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“I just wanted to say how impressed I was by the four guys that came yesterday to fit our solar panels.
They were all very friendly and polite and treated me and my home with the utmost respect. Please will you pass on my thanks to them.”

Mrs Radcliffe - Nottingham

We’ve fitted Solar Panels to all kinds of properties across the UK. Here are just a few of our latest installs.

Solar Panels

Installing Solar Panels - Checklist

  • Full manufacturers warranties on Solar PV panels and inverters
  • Panels guaranteed to operate at up to 95% efficiency for up to 25 years from installation
  • Inverters provided with guarantees up to 10 years from installation
  • 2 years system warranty and the re-assurance of a low cost extended warranty for each year thereafter
  • A full post-PV installation package including the following;
    • Full system data
    • Commissioning and test results data
    • Operation and maintenance guides
    • Full warranty information
    • Details of what to do if you move and the transfer of ownership of your Solar panel system
  • Full details of our qualifications and accreditation awards
  • Full certification and commissioning of your Photovoltaic system
Solar iBoost

Free hot water with Solar iBoost

Installing a Solar iBoost at the same time as your Solar Panels will enable your system to generate free hot water as well as electricity.

Click here to find out how Solar iBoost works

Monitoring your solar panel’s performance

Once installed you will want to know how your Solar Panel system is performing and that is is meeting your overall savings expectations. Our engineers will connect, test and then demonstrate how to monitor your system to ensure you are on track for the Solar returns you expect.

Euro Energy Services will appraise and design the optimum place to your install solar panels, whilst advising you on our range of state of the art solar panels and solar inverter options.

Solar Inverters

Inverters are the clever boxes that convert the DC current picked up by your solar panels to AC current electricity that works in your home. Like PV panels, inverter options are numerous but it is important your inverter compliments the number and type of Solar panels on your roof and the shading of trees and other obstructions that may reduce the output of your solar panels.

We supply a whole range of these products but will take the mystique out of this for you by recommending the right inverter for the right design and we will price promise this within our customer guarantee.

Installing Solar Panels

Find out more about installing solar panels today

Click here or Call 0800 294 4104

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