Solar iBoost

With an iBoost your Solar Panels will generate free hot water

Solar iBoost uses the surplus energy generated from your solar panels to heat your water tank – it’s that simple.

During the Summer months the iBoost will give you a full tank of hot water and in winter Solar iBoost uses spare solar power to keep your hot water tank topped up, lowering the cost of your heating.

We recommend the Solar iBoost to all our Solar customers who heat their water using an immersion heater. It’s easy to fit and makes a difference to bills from day one.

How does the Solar iBoost work?

The Solar iBoost keeps and eye on the the energy being generated from your Solar Panels and uses any spare power to heat the water in your immersion tank. So your boiler won’t need to kick in to heat your water because the energy from your Solar Panels will have sorted out already.

The Solar iBoost’s software ensures that only excess solar power is used to heat the water in your tank.

By adjusting the flow of energy to when your household appliances are using the power, or your Solar Panels are affected by shading the iBoost ensures that you make the most of the free electricity from your Solar Panels.

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Seven reasons you should have an iBoost installed with your Solar Panels

  1. Solar iBoost provides free hot water for your home
  2. It cuts the cost of your water heating bills
  3. It ensures you are using as much of the energy from your Solar Panels as possible
  4. It doesn’t affect the generation element of your Feed-in Tariff payments and the export tariff is also unaffected
  5. The iBoost reduces the amount of time your boiler is in use
  6. iBoost is wireless so no complex cabling is required to install it in your home
  7. It’s a very simple way to reduce your carbon footprint and make the most of your renewable energy technology

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