Feed-in Tariff

What is the Feed-in Tariff?

The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme introduced by law on 1st April 2010 as part of the carbon reduction programme, offers tax free, index linked payments for the lifetime of the FiT term to reward your investment in renewable technologies such as Solar, Wind Turbines, Hydro Generators and Solar thermal systems.

Under the FiTs, anyone who installs an eligible Solar Panel system will receive a guaranteed annual fixed payment every year of the contracted FiT term for all the electricity they generate (used or not) and all Solar PV owners benefit from reduced electricity bills as they generate their own clean, free electricity.

How are Feed-in Tariffs paid?

Feed-in Tariffs are paid by electricity suppliers either as a direct payment into your bank account or as a credit line to your energy bills.

How much will I be paid and what will I save?

The amount you are paid will depend on the size and type of system that you install. Payments are intended to give a certain percentage return each year based on the initial cost of a system.

The FiT rates are paid for each unit of electricity generated, for your own use in the home or building.  The energy you generate is free and for energy you produce and don’t use, you will receive an additional payback (export tariff) from the national grid who buys the surplus from you.

Evidence of the property’s EPC rating is required when applying for FiTs.  If no evidence showing the EPC has a band D or higher, then the lower rate of FiT will apply.

The tariff lifetime is now 20 years.

1 Oct 2015 to 31 Dec 2015

Size of PV System (kW) Feed-in tariff (p/kWh) Lower Tariff – if EPC requirement not met
<4kWp (new build and retrofit)
>4 – 10kW
>10 – 50kW
stand alone

Solar Feed-in Tariff after 14th January 2016

Size of PV System (kW) Feed-in tariff (p/kWh)
0 – 10kW
>10 – 50kW

The tariffs are to be reviewed every three months and will be revised according to deployment rates.

Figures correct 17 December 2015.

What is the Feed-in Tariff

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The brighter benefits of Feed-in Tariffs

Generation Tariff: The rate paid by your energy supplier per kwh of electricity that you generate. Once in the scheme, the rate remains constant for the duration of the FiT term.

Export Tariff: Your energy supplier will pay you for the surplus energy that you generate but do not use. (The current export tariff is 4.77p/kWh).

Reduced Energy Bills: Generate free electricity to power your appliances and reduce your energy bills.

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