Who’s in charge of your heating?

Whos in charge of your heating

If there’s one thing guaranteed to cause disagreements this Winter, it’s who’s in charge of your heating.

Inevitably there’s always one person who loves the house to be toasty warm, and someone who’s happy to wear a jumper and leave the heating off, or very low.

Lower your heating bill and get rid of the arguments with a Nest Learning Thermostat

One guaranteed way to sensibly control your heating, and reduce arguments about how warm your house is, is to install a learning thermostat such as the Nest or Tado, both of which we can help you with. Rather than being held to the whim of whoever is closest to the thermostat, these devices learn over a week or so to do some amazing things:

  • How warm you like the house to be
  • When you leave for work
  • When you’re away on holiday
  • How and when you can make savings in your heating
  • Lets you control and monitor your heat via your mobile or tablet when you’re not at home

Who’s in charge of your heating?

We’ve a feeling that men are happy to wear jumpers in the house and keep the heating low or off and women are happier to have the heating up, but that’s just a hunch.

Can you help us by filling in our short survey, if you’d like to find out more about learning thermostats and how they can lower your energy bills, please leave your name and email address too.


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